Do I have a case?
Perhaps the most difficult aspect for plaintiff's attorneys is the evaluation of potential cases. At Wilson Williams Law, PLLC, we take extraordinary measures to fully evaluate your case before we answer the question "Do I have a case?" We believe what you really need to know is "Do I have a case that has merit and can be successful?" We answer that question through a very careful analysis of the facts, the evidence and the applicable law. An initial consultation, for which there is never a fee, is the first step.  Back to top.

What happens in the initial consultation?
Our attorneys will listen to you describe your problem, what happened, who was involved, what damage or disability has resulted and gather from you the facts of your case. It is helpful if you bring as much information and pertinent documents with you to this meeting. There is no fee for the consultation. After the first visit with you, the attorney will then evaluate the facts of your case, the law, and the overall merit of your case. Sometimes, Wilson Williams Law, PLLC, seeks the opinions of experts to help determine if the case can be successful. We only accept cases we believe can be successful.  Back to top.

Contributory Negligence is an issue that most people don't know or care about until they face this problematic law themselves.  To sum it up, in North Carolina, even if you are hurt by someone else's negligence, if the other person can prove that you are just slightly to blame for your injury, you cannot recover any compensation.  Hard to believe, but true.  Someone else is 99.9% to blame, and you are barred from recovery.  It’s an insurance company’s dream.  Back to top.

How much will it cost for me to pursue my case?
Nearly all of our personal injury clients choose to work with us on a contingency basis. That means that we only receive legal fees if we are successful in representing you either through a settlement or jury trial verdict.  Back to top.

How long will it take to resolve my case?
In North Carolina, most cases are tried or resolved within one and a half years of the date the lawsuit is filed.  However, we always try to reach a pre-lawsuit resolution of all personal injury and wrongful death cases.  The more complicated cases may involve extensive pre-filing activity as part of the case investigation, which may increase the timeline.  Back to top.

Why do some cases get settled out of court and other cases go to trial?
When Wilson Williams Law, PLLC, files a lawsuit on your behalf, our mission is to establish that the defendant is responsible for the incident that caused your injuries and is responsible for compensating you, the victim, for those injuries. Cases go to trial when the parties do not agree on the responsibility for the incident or do not agree on the case value, or amount of compensation for injuries.  Back to top.

How do you determine which cases the firm will accept?
Our approach to the practice of law is simple, accept only cases of true merit and then exhaustively prepare the case using the full resources of our firm. If we don't believe that a successful outcome is possible, we will refuse the case out of respect for you and for the legal process.  Back to top.

What is the firm's track record?
Excellent. We place a great deal of emphasis on thoroughly evaluating a case before we agree to represent a client. This evaluation, where we fully examine the incident, the injuries, all of the evidence and applicable law, is how we decide which cases we will accept. Secondly, we believe that there is no substitute for thorough preparation; thus, we exhaustively prepare your case. Back to top.